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Sustainable tourism / eco tourism / conservation / community upliftment

These used to just be buzz words but now this is becoming more and more important for the International traveller when choosing where they wish to invest their holiday money.  The footprint should be limited and the positive impact great.  Here we highlight some of the great work taking place within the Ethos portfolio.

Machaba Safaris

Alison and Amanda have recently visited Ngoma Safari Lodge to experience both the lodge and to visit the local community.  Ngoma Safari Lodge gives guests an unrivalled Chobe safari experience and the opportunity to see a working community project.   READ MORE


If someone referenced the term “Hippo Water Roller” what would spring to mind?  Well, all sorts went through my mind.  I knew it was a community initiative to assist the elderly transfer clean water back to their village, but how do you actually roll water?  READ MORE


Bernie has always believed in a sustainable tourism model and as of May he will have all three of his wonderful camps running on solar power.  This is just the latest in his drive towards ensuring that Garonga reduces its carbon footprint and creates a truly eco-friendly safari.  READ MORE

Cape St Francis Resort

Guests come to Cape St Francis for the incredible Blue Flag Beach, Stunning scenery, diverse range of activities and close proximity to world class golf courses and game reserves.  What often goes undiscovered however are the range of community projects that Betty can take guests on to enable them to learn more about the local community.  

Image of the month

Fun Fact

Weavers are fascinating birds with unique mating habits.  It’s the male weavers who take on the task of building the nests.  But nest-building is more than just a chore, its actually an important part of the mating ritual.  The male weavers use their nests to attract potential mates, and its up to the females to decide whether the nest meets their standards or not. 

Weavers are skilled builders, using a variety of plant materials to create intricate structures.  In fact, they are the only bird species that are capable of tying knots!

Thanks to Kambaku Lodges.


As we mentioned last month, Federal Air are putting up their prices.  The Garonga Revised Air Packages are now available