Kavango Zambezi TFCA

At the heart of southern Africa lies a wilderness the size of France. A place where vast herds of wildlife move freely across five countries, unrestricted by national borders. Where mighty rivers feed spectacular natural wonders, including Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta. And where diverse communities and cultural groups live alongside nature, preserving ancient traditions within a vibrant heritage.

This wilderness is the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, also known as KAZA. Within its embrace are many of Africa’s greatest parks, including Chobe, Hwange and Kafue, plus numerous other protected areas. All are vital pieces in a conservation jigsaw that offers a ground-breaking vision for the future of Africa’s environment, its people, and its wildlife.

Today Kavango Zambezi promises visitors the ultimate African adventure. Whether you prefer to marvel at the continent’s greatest elephant herds, brave the rapids of the mighty Zambezi River, or explore the stunning rock art of Tsodilo Hills, your KAZA memories will last a lifetime.

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