"I have known Ethos Marketing for over 20 years as the United Kingdom is our strongest source market. In that time I have been exceptionally involved with the trade in the United Kingdom and without fail, they have always commented on how professional and dedicated Ethos Marketing is in the country. They can all name every one of Ethos Marketing's clients which is unusual, and indicates to what extent Ethos has succeeded in creating a very strong and individual identity for each client in their training and their marketing, which is very important.

I have found that Ethos Marketing is the most pro-active representative company in liaising with both us and our own tour operators in the UK, so that there is a three way communication on the product that they market, which allows us to co ordinate programmes and promote their client base so much more effectively.

I have at all times in my dealings with Ethos Marketing found them to be motivated, creative, informative, knowledgeable and dedicated and certainly one of the best and most respected in the United Kingdom"

Craig Smith


New Frontiers Tours And Travel

"Ethos Marketing have been a pleasure to deal with over the years and always willing to provide information and product updates when required. A professional company that we can always call upon for support and assistance in planning our itineraries."

Chris Fortescue


Africa Collection UK Limited

"I would consider Ethos Marketing to be market leaders in the representation industry in the UK. Their knowledge and expertise of South Africa is unrivalled, and they always act in a completely professional manner. They have excellent contacts with the UK media and are very pro-active with regards making marketing activities and campaigns a reality.I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any individual or business."

Chris Wain


Africa Travel

"When the founders of Ethos Marketing first approached us soon after Isandlwana Lodge was opened in 1999, I made the mistake of thinking we could not afford to have them represent us. Entering into an agreement for marketing representation with them in 2004, even though a delayed decision, soon convinced me that it was something I should have done long ago. All the staff are professional, responsive and highly respected in the industry.

No problem is too small for them to provide guidance or suggest a solution and the mere fact that you don't have to ask them more than once is a real treasure to me. Too often these days, follow-up consumes a lot of one's time and I am most impressed that each person on the Ethos staff responds so promptly that I have never had cause for complaint.

They are all tremendous and enthusiastic about the properties they represent and I am proud that Isandlwana Lodge is one of them!"

Mary Pat Stubbs

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Isandlwana Lodge, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

"Ethos Marketing have been consulting to my Company for 10 years now. I have found them to be extremely hard working, professional, and totally focused to the tasks in hand. I cannot thank them enough for giving my Company such great exposure to the trade."

The Honourable Bernardo Smith


Garonga Safari Camp

"Rani Resorts has seen an exceptional growth in business from the UK market through the efforts of Ethos Marketing. Ethos Marketing took on the challenge of launching not only new properties, but an emerging destination to a wary industry. They did this with enthusiasm and absolute dedication. The results speak for themselves, the UK is our biggest inbound market!Their hands-on approach, ready availability and openness have created an enduring relationship of trust and respect."

Tish Stewart-Ingles

Sales and Marketing Manager

The Rani Group

"We appreciate the efforts of Ethos Marketing. We have been working closely together for years. Most recently we have worked together to promote KZN in the UK market. With Ethos we find an excellent partner because they are highly commercial, very practical and full of innovative ideas.Unlike other agencies, Ethos take time to understand Somak and Somak's strengths and take the trouble to bring us concepts and ideas to take advantage of our standing in the market.The entire team is dedicated, efficient and personable, and we enjoy working together."

Louise Newton

Somak Holidays

"Saga Holidays has been working in close co-operation with Ethos Marketing for several years and we are always impressed by their professionalism, dedication, and enthusiastic support in helping us to provide our customers with a first class holiday experience."

Richard Newsome

Product Manager

Saga Holidays Ltd

"We at TOURISM DUNDEE have always appreciated the support we have received from Ethos. At our Commemoration of the 130th Anniversary of the Battle of Isandlwana held over a week in January we were absolutely amazed at the interest we received from the UK and we can only put it down to your coverage of this event for us. The best part of all is that you do all of this without fleecing us financially. Being a relatively small organization we do not have such a thing as an advertising budget!!!

You do an outstanding job of making us and KZN known to all. Please keep it up."

Gill Hand

Tourism Officer

Endumeni Tourism, Dundee

"I would like to commend Ethos Marketing on the excellent job they have done over the last few years in organising Superfam trips to our lodges in KZN. They were always professionally run with good quality agents attending. They have also done great work in other areas in promoting KZN with informative newsletters and sending journalists/TV crews from time to time."

Brett Gehren

Managing Director

Isibindi Africa (Thonga Beach Lodge, Isibindi Zulu Lodge and Kosi Forest Lodge)

"As a veteran travel writer of more than 30 years, I have been a regular visitor to southern Africa and, in particular, South Africa over the years. I have watched the latter emerge slowly from the bad old days into a fledgling democracy with assured ease and confidence, despite, at times, internal conflict and political jousting for position.

The last six years I have been in South Africa on a fairly regular basis and have watched a proud and ambitious people on their journey of self-promotion of what is, without doubt, a truly beautiful country – hence I cannot get enough of it.

While South Africa is a diverse and wonderful place with each province having its unique selling point for the tourist and traveller alike, KwaZulu-Natal, for me, is where the heartbeat of the sub-continent is, with its multi-ethnicity of people and its wondrous, changing landscape – from the beauty of its coastline to the magic of the Drakensberg.

My visits to KZN for the past five years have been as a guest of KZN tourism, through the good offices of Ethos Marketing in the UK.

As a travel writer on an average 10-day familiarisation trip, I need, as a matter of urgency, to be 'dropped in and out' to as many places of interest in a short time. Ethos Marketing has never once failed to meet my expectations in getting me on the ground with the minimum of fuss.

But more importantly, the Ethos team are a veritable encyclopaedia when it comes to knowing every nuance and haunt of this Place Under Heaven and are always able to find me that quirky angle, that spin, on a place or people that helps me when writing to transcend ordinary and mundane notes of a travel writer into something far more illuminating that jumps out of the pages of whatever publication I pitch my copy at.

Most trips to KZN of a week or 10 days yield about five or six 'spreads' in a number of varied publications. The fact that Alison, Sue and Claire are Africans themselves, selling their country overseas, has to be seen as a potent bonus to KZN. Informative to their fingertips, courteous, their intense pride in their 'product' is obvious and always has the effect of completely 'disarming' me and making me feel at home immediately, making my work as a travel writer so much more pleasurable and productive."

Paul Hopkins

Editorial Management Consultant

Independent News & Media UK/Ireland