Ethos African Snippets

This month we are focusing on the quirky - those unknown facts you may not have even thought of or an unusual piece of information you never knew about the animal kingdom or some of our African clients. Read on for some wacky insights. 


Currently the number of animals denning at MalaMala is unusual.  Sightings include a wild dog den with 9 pups, a spotted hyena densite and multiple lion densites.  A female cheetah with 3 cubs has also been seen (but that’s a mobile densite so not a fixed location).  In addition, 6 denning leopards have been sighted.

Read more about this denning activity here.


An ellie contraception programme was started on the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve Reserve as a first in 1999 to manage the ellie numbers.

Read more about the programme here.


Moo Pig Table Majeka House

Did you know that Karine Decker, the owner of Majeka House, believes in ceiling art because noone should look at a white ceiling?  She also has a passion for pigs.

To learn more about the quirky and unusual interiors at Majeka House, click here.


‘Machaba Fudge’ is one of the most popular items to be eaten throughout all the Machaba camps.  Sox came to work for Machaba Safaris at the very beginning, before the opening of Machaba Camp in 2012, bringing in his fudge recipe with him. He started as a cook and after a few years worked his way up to head chef. He became the Head of Department and soon became the lodge's F&B Manager. He is still at Machaba Camp today. He has gone to every camp to train chefs and ensure his fudge recipe is implemented authentically. Basically, the recipe is as authentic as he is! 

Watch how to make Sox's fudge with Nala here and for the recipe, click here


Thanks to FOSTER’s efforts over the past 30 years, the region surrounding Cape St Francis Resort has four well-managed nature reserves, each with unique natural and recreational features.

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Can you see me?


Cheetahs are another one of the more elusive cats living in the Timbavati.

It is well known that the cheetah is the fastest land animal but did you know that each cheetah has around 2000 spots?  Every cheetah has their own unique spots and ring pattern around its tail, similar to a human fingerprint.

The word cheetah comes from the Hindi word 'chita' which means 'the spotted one.'  Cheetahs are ot only fast but they also have excellent  eye sight and they are creuscular hunters which means they hunt at either dusk or dawn.

With thanks to Kambaku Lodges.


A place where vast herds of wildlife move freely across five countries, unrestricted by national borders. Where mighty rivers feed spectacular natural wonders, including Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta. And where a diverse community lives alongside nature, preserving ancient traditions within a vibrant heritage.

This wilderness is the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, otherwise known as KAZA. Within its embrace are many of Africa’s greatest parks, including Chobe, Hwange and Kafue, plus numerous other protected areas. All are vital pieces in a conservation jigsaw that offers a ground-breaking vision for the future of Africa’s environment, its people and its wildlife.

Today KAZA promises visitors the ultimate African adventure. Whether you prefer to marvel at the continent’s greatest elephant herds, brave the rapids of the mighty Zambezi or explore the stunning rock art of Tsodilo Hills, your KAZA memories will last a lifetime.

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All the Machaba Safari camps in the Delta now have wi-fi in all the tents.

Kiri Camp has hairdryers in all tents and other Machaba camps have hairdryers on request.

Gomoti has undergone an upgrade in the main areas.