Selous Zanzibar Educational

Ethos (representing Serena Hotels) in partnership with Kenya Airways and KLM Air France, hosted a fam trip just before Christmas to Tanzania in East Africa, combining the remote Selous Game Reserve with the exotic spice island of Zanzibar.  Claire Roadley, who hosted the trip from the UK, shares a light-hearted poem about their big adventure!

Our adventure began at T4 Heathrow.
As we gathered at the KQ desk with the lovely Po.
Ann did a terminal dash with minutes to spare,
While Tom n Jo battled the Piccadilly 'mare.

Better late than never to Dar es Salaam
That view of Killi added an extra dash of charm
Dar Serena was where the feasting began and never did stop
Our tummies getting rounder and buttons threatening to pop! 

After a good night’s rest the excitement grew
We were off in a dinky plane to the remote Selous!
First stop was Selous Serena Camp 
It may be under canvas but it's definitely "glamp"
Elietta and his team wow-ed us with amazing food and drink
Whilst hippos gathered in the waterhole - to welcome us I think.

The next day we set off on an all-day game drive
We saw amazing ellies, lion and buffalo - ticking 3 of the Big 5
We stopped for a bush picnic at a loveliest of scenic spots
Julie channelled her "inner wasp" with some impressive bee swats

We had a few safari first timers which caused a few belly laughs
Jo saw a very rare rippo (?) and Caroline loved the giraffes. 
We loved discovering the Selous' many different terrains
Massive lakes, thick bush - and even a dead hippos remains!

Then on to Mivumo with its riverside perch
For a more amazing location you would struggle to search
We cruised the Rufiji River before and after lunch
And one of our boats nearly volunteered to be a crocodile’s brunch!

Sundowners on the riverbank was a memory to keep
Along with the sounds of hippos and hyraxes as we drifted off to sleep
Off for a bush walk went our two Marks and one Tom
They tracked buffalo and learned where the little 5 come from.

Then it was time to head for the spice island on our amazing trip
But a jaw dropping surprise awaited us at Stiegler’s landing strip! 
A massive Daddy lion was refusing to budge or skoot
Our plane was imminent - we were all too scared to get out - but he didn't give a hoot! 

Elietta caught his eye - what a brave man our Camp Manager proved!
The king of the jungle finally, very reluctantly, moved! 
Our departure lounge now cleared we took off pretty swiftly
Off to Zanzibar - just an hour away - which was pretty nifty!

Our Zanzibar Serena is a boutique hotel with an authentic 
"sense of place"
Oozing character and history with GM Charles the epitome of grace!
A walking tour of Stone Town was fascinating to do...
We learnt a lot of history - "that's 5 points Frances for you!"

Our last day was spent discovering spices and exotic tropical fruit
"Are you together? Here smell this Julie!" 
Our spice guide was a hoot! 
Then off to Mangapwani for a seafood barbecue 
The private beach club has cocktails and fantastic ocean view
One last swim, shopping and our last meal all together (sniff)
What a magical trip it has been - exceeded beyond measure.