We decided to join OurAfrica and represent The Blue Train.

OurAfrica is a two week virtual show covering the whole world.  We were mainly interested in talking to the UK and Ireland tour ops, so we did block out the unsociable times.  We also passed a few meetings on to The Blue Train reps in Australia and the States. 

Even by doing that we were kept busy with meetings from around the world from India to Canada, Brazil to Germany.  It was great chatting to travel industry colleagues and finding out their challenges and sharing information about The Blue Train. Amanda and Alison shared the meetings and spoke to over 70 people.

The show had over 500 exhibitors, over 1000 buyers and over 20000 meetings were held over the two week period.

The ideal way to do this show would be to share the meetings with the different representatives in different time zones, otherwise it is a bit much to handle – I know some people did handle the show on their own and they worked all hours.

The message we heard from all corners of the world – every one is desperate to travel and to start sending clients to Africa once more.

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