Garonga's Amarula Chocolate Cake Recipe

Enjoy a little piece of Garonga in your home with this delicious afternoon tea recipe...


For the chocolate cake:

(Separate mixture into two tins when baking. Use spring form cake tins, they are more user friendly.)
120 ml good quality cocoa powder
250 ml boiling water
6 whole eggs
440 ml caster sugar
120 ml vegetable oil
500 ml cake flour
20 ml baking powder
4 ml salt

For the Amarula syrup & the topping:

800 ml granulated sugar
1000 ml water
300 ml Amarula liqueur
4 tin caramel condense milk
800 ml fresh cream, whipped to stiff peak for topping
Flake chocolate


Preheat the oven to 180 C

For the cake:

1. Sift the cocoa powder
2. Pour the boiling water the cocoa, stir to dissolve into the water and leave to cool.
3. Beat the eggs, caster sugar and oil together until ribbon stage and sugar is dissolved
4. Add the cooled cocoa mixture to the egg mixture
5. Sift the rest of the dry ingredients together and fold into cocoa / egg mixture
6. Divide the mixture into two 22 cm x 30 cm pans and bake for approximately 20 minute or until a skewer comes out clean

For the syrup:

1. Heat the granulated sugar and water together for about 5 minutes, until the sugar dissolves and the liquid has reduced slightly.
2. Remove the sugar mixture from the stove and whisk in the Amarula slowly until well combined.
3. As soon as the cakes come out of the oven, while they are still hot, prick the cake with a skewer (all over – leave the cake in the tin)
4. Divide the syrup and pour an equal amount over both cakes while hot.
5. Place the cakes in the fridge to cool completely.

For the Topping:

1. Once cake has cooled completely in the tin, in the fridge, spread caramel on one of the cakes
2. Remove the other cake out of its tin and place the cake on top the caramel topped cake.
3. Spread whipped cream on top of the cake in the tin.
4. Place the cake back in the fridge to set for another 1 hour or until serving. (keep in the tin)
5. Just before serving sprinkle chocolate shavings on top and serve.