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Press Trip Part 1

On hearing I would be taking a small group of journalists to South Africa for a week … I was torn. Torn between being totally excited to be staying in some of the country’s top boutique hotels or the simple pleasure of getting a rare full night’s sleep. As mum to 3 boys (including 2 year old twins!) a full night’s sleep sounded like a major highlight.

Fancourt Events

Ethos Marketing continues to look for new and innovative ways of how to promote our clients products to the UK travel industry. A one-on-one meeting is always useful, but in order to get to a slightly wider audience in limited time we sometimes arrange special events.

A Question Of Stats

The debate continues that the SAT stats are not accurate, is valid, but not new. I remember attending a conference in Johannesburg in 1994 when this subject was discussed in detail and a speaker from the Caribbean explained that people visiting more than one island would be counted more than once – a similar problem to the one we have always had in South Africa.