Jumbes Journal 4

Jumbes Journal 4

Greetings from very green Selous Game Reserve.

Being in Selous is such a breath of fresh air to a degree of tranquility triggering the benefits of solitude.
The November activities tide took us admirably to another level of our guests excitement and experience varying in offerings such as game drives, boat cruise , walking safaris  and  visiting hot springs.

In all the wild game activities, herds of Elephants, and Buffalo were seen roaming free against a back drop of open Savannah and Miombo woodlands.

Guests were also able to see the usual selection of other animals such as Giraffes,  Wild Dogs, Zebra, Nyasa Wildebeest, Hartebeest, Eland, Greater Kudu, a dozen type of antelopes like the Chestnust-coated Impala and pride of Lion around the lakes and open Savannah.

Above and below are variety of pictures encountered on some of the game drives.