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Visit Zululand and be inspired

The thing that makes Ghost Mountain Inn stand apart, other than the location and the history, great service and food and lovely accommodation – is the amazing add-ons, offered by the Safari Team

Base yourself at Ghost Mountain Inn and explore the wildlife, history, scenery and cultural wealth of Zululand and the Elephant Coast with Ghost Mountain Safaris.  The enthusiastic and knowledgeable rangers can take you on Game Drives or boat cruises and Tiger Fishing on Lake Jozini, to hikes and Zulu homestead visits. Walks are accompanied by nature guides that are well versed in local history and culture, as well as the fauna and flora of the area.

This tends to make a far more relaxed holiday, at a more affordable price.  Spend time relaxing at the pool one day and pack your day with activities on another.  The flexible and experienced guides can also tailor make the programme to fit your interests and the age of the guests.

Visiting a real Zulu village and get an authentic taste of rural life in Africa, or a school to appreciate how fortunate children are in the western world.

In 2018 a teenage boy from New York was so moved by his experience in a supermarket in rural Zululand, that he went home and sourced books and an amazing library has been established at a school near Ghost Mountain.  

Colin, like most western children, (or adults for that matter), was surprised to see very little writing and plenty of images on the food packaging in the  supermarket.  He was told it was because many people in rural Zululand cannot read or write. 

Colin decided that he wanted to help and decided to source some books for a library at Tshaneni Primary School.  Tshaneni was built by missionaries in the 19th century, and is hugely underfunded, they didn’t even have a room to accommodate the 3000 books when they arrived.

If you would like to find out more, visit the Ghost Mountain Inn website and read the blog

Book your clients a holiday in this interesting and complex area of South Africa.  An area of hope and aspiration despite sometimes harsh and trying circumstances in which local people live. We invite you to explore the area a bit deeper with a specialised tour that can be customised to your interest and timing of your visit.  Visit a local school or community project where you can meet and interact with the locals. Explore historic Zulu battle sites or cultural events such as the annual Zulu Reed Dance or discover the archaeologically significant Border Cave.  The options are endless.