Ethos Marketing has been operating since 1994. We are a company dedicated to offering a highly personalised and effective service to our clients. In Southern and East Africa we have successfully developed a client base comprising of some of the leading brand names.Ā  Our superb client base has been gained through our expertise, hard work and dedication to the market.

Big organisations have big budgets and can afford to pay for advertising and publicity.Ā  Smaller businesses need to find creative ways of getting noticed without having to spend a fortune ā€“ that is where Ethos can help you.

We offer an appropriate and effective range of services to clients with varying international sales and marketing budgets. This could be for simply posting out brochures or doing e-shots, through to operating as a fully-fledged sales, marketing and PR office.

If you are interested in the UK market, but do not have the time or the manpower to effectively manage this marketplace yourself, contact Ethos MarketingĀ® to discuss which of our services will suit your needs.

By providing an extensive range of professional services for different member clients through Ethos MarketingĀ®, major cost reductions are achieved through resource sharing, without reducing the effectiveness of the direct sales and marketing and public relations services.

Flexibility is the key with Ethos MarketingĀ®. Every agreement is tailor-made to suit the particular needs of a company, in line with their strategies. So if you feel the UK market is too big to tackle on your own ā€“ speak to us and see how we can help.


Annual Sales and Marketing strategic plans
Sales calls to targeted companies
Facilitation of the contracting cycle
Regular training and key presentations
Organising and hosting of trade educationals / familiarisation trips
Managing staff incentives
Assistance at WTM and Indaba


ManagingĀ  Joint Marketing initiatives
Telephonic, fax, email and mail marketing
Market research and market mapping
Organisation of roadshows
Planning and attendance of international trade and consumer shows
Working with key marketing partners
Charity events / prizes / competitions
Advertising advice and planning
Luxury brand partnerships
Event management and support


Media relations
Press office function
Media missions and editorials
Press trip organisation
Proactive & reactive media enquiries
Press release writing & distribution
Media monitoring
Targeted PR activity
Organisation and co-ordination of Media visits


Ethos designs and comes up with creative concepts for advertorials, advertisements, posters, flyers and other marketing opportunities.


Wikipedia define this as ā€“ ā€˜Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networksā€™
So if this is something you know little or nothing about and would like to get started, let us know. We can help you with Facebook, Twitter or YouTube content management.